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E-Mail Updating and Loss of password

PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:26 pm
by admin
To make sure you continue to get the very latest e-mail messages you need to check
that the e-mail we have on record for you is kept up to date.
This is your responsibility and is quite simple to do.
First log in to the website in the normal way then click on User Control Panel
and go into Profile then edit account settings now put your new e-mail address in
and again in the confirm e-mail box then scroll down and click on Submit.
Thats it.
That is also where you can change your password if you need to,
If you have forgotton your password you just need to enter your username in the opening screen and click on forgot password.
the system will send you a new one to your current e-mail address, that only works if you keep you e-mail address up to date.
Roy Morley
Site Admin
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